"I started working with Rachael about 20 years ago in a side-by-side capacity. First, Rachael went on to be promoted to a business analyst in a finance position. Then, a few years later, she applied to be a supervisor back on the production floor; I could not figure out why she would want to leave that prestigious position for something so much more stressful and less important for my life. So, I flat out asked her, “Hey Rach, why in the world did you apply for this position?” Her simple answer: I am doing it for the people."

"I did not quite understand her reply at the time, but I was fortunate enough a little while later to be the recipient of the gift that she wanted to give. I had a miserable situation occur while I was at work, and it was so devastating I did not feel there was any way out it was concerning my family, and I was scared to share with Rachael because she was now my supervisor. Finally, however, I took a chance; she stopped what she was doing and prayed with me. She began to speak life into the situation, Hope into the problem, and coached me on using God ‘s promises to bring about change. I have always been a believer, but I must admit even at that time, I was very skeptical because the situation was so difficult."

"Here we are about six years past that terrible day, and that situation has turned around in ways that I could not even imagine. It is one of my strongest testimonies, and it restored my faith in what God can do and how he has the final say in everything. Rachael walked me through this step-by-step. Days turned into months, and months turned into years. She kept checking in with me even though I was no longer on her team and always helped me remain positive and focused. She still asks and checks in, and it gives me so much pride to report to her the good news of how faithful and merciful God can be. I will forever be grateful to her for her guidance and support. "

- Susan T. , Sales Associate

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