One to One Work Life Balance Coaching

Twelve (60 minute in-depth coaching sessions)
As an action-taker, your work-life balance package consists of 12 impactful sessions leading to dynamic life change.

In each session, your growth is maximized by diving quickly through surface-level barriers to core fundamentals.

Together, we work from the inside to identify and address the root causes of why you feel overwhelmed, lost, exhausted, and unfulfilled before creating a surge of complete breakthroughs and rapid growth.

This personalized format allows you to burst through even the most resistant issues with continued guidance and support from a qualified trained professional coach.

  • Introduction
  • Identify Goals
  • Mindset Check-in
  • Destress session
  • Prioritize fast and clear mental clutter
  • Setting boundaries
  • Identify obstacles
  • Develop the personal confidence
  • Time Management
  • Identify what really matters
  • Bust stress and lift the pressure

I’m Interested – How Do We Start?

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