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Hello and Welcome to my 1st Blog Post

Welcome to the launch of my first blog post. My name is Rachael Louis, owner of H.O.P.E (Helping Outstanding Professional Excel) Career Coaching, and I am so excited to share this space with you. My mission is to help professional women advance their careers and obtain a balance so they can live a rewarding life. There are so many ideas, inspirations, knowledge and of course many laughable moments that will be shared, but first let’s start with Why I created this blog, What will you see in my posts, and My overall experience launching this company.

Why did I start this blog?

The short answer is to live out my passion for helping others. However, there is more to this story, so here we go! First, I must confess that my husband suggested this several years ago. I remember the many conversations where he would say, “Why don’t you start a blog?”. “You love talking to people and love to freely give life-changing advice, so why not pursue this passion?” Of course, my insecurities temporarily tried to hold me hostage and attempted to find ways to allow negativity to creep in and let demoralizing words like, “UHHH no, not me” set in, but this time I did not allow it to manifest and derailed my plans and dreams. As I look back, this is the same voice that delayed the launch of my business. I also remember the conversations that my sister and I had years ago when she said, “Sissy you need to start your own coaching business and stop playing games because people are out there waiting for your help”. Then, the pandemic happened and changed the trajectory of my life. The quarantine forced me to re-evaluate my many roles as a wife, mother, supervisor, sister, friend etc. and it made me realize the need for a positive change. In January 2021, I decided to invest in myself, go after the things I always wanted to accomplish, and break down the invisible barriers that have held me back. After experiencing my ultimate breakthrough, I decided to research and obtain the necessary credentials needed to make this successful transition. I have also formed some profound connections with people who have guided me along this journey.

What you will see in my posts?

I will use this space to empower you, the reader, and especially middle-aged women looking to advance their careers and find a work-life balance. You will receive insight into the current workforce and ways to excel in your career. I will also discuss ways for you to overcome challenges, and how to live a fulfilling life. Indeed, we will have some memorable moments to brighten up your day. Writing has never been a strong suit of mine, and I will tell you, I am no expert on this subject matter. I may be a “perfectionist,” but I am nowhere near perfect. I know at some point it will get easier and I know we will figure it out together. There will be many trials and errors, so please bear with me as we travel this journey. Feel free to share your thoughts and openly communicate with me ways that I can improve in providing essential topics and subjects. The purpose of this blog is to inspire and guide you to discover the hope that you seek..

My launch experiences!

This has been a profound learning experience with a lot of roller-coaster emotions. Here are a few common vocabulary words I have used throughout the process “YES, YEAH, NO, NOT SURE, YOU CHOOSE, HELP, PHEW, UGH, WHY, MAYBE WE SHOULDN’T, I’M TIRED, SO DONE?” Everything considered, I can honestly say I have grown on so many levels, especially my faith in GOD. I learned instead of chasing perfection; I need to celebrate the progress and trust the process. Additionally, I realized the importance of surrounding myself with likeminded individuals who can bring out the best in me.

Special Thank You!

First, let me give all praises to God! This journey would not have been possible without the grace and mercy that carried me through. Thank you to my husband (Jack) and my “boys” (Jahan, and Noah). We did not come from a wealthy family, but a wealthy family will come from us. Love you endlessly!  To the Brown Family (Mom and my sisters), thank you for your prayers, love, guidance, and support. To my family, thanks for the push over the years to get this started. Thank you for allowing me to flood the chatroom with cheerful postings and pictures. Little did I know, it was preparing me for this very moment. Love you, family! To my mentors over the last 21 + years, Tom C., Javier R., LaTanya B., Bill B., I wouldn’t be here without your help! Thank you for answering the call to invest in my personal and professional growth— there are no words to express my gratitude.

To my business coaches and partners: CJ, Lakeshia D., Angela B., Erica M. John M., and Cheryl T. Thank you for your prayers, confidence, guidance, and knowledge you have provided me along this journey. A special thanks to my steadfast and superb web designer Irene, for your patience and talent brought my vision to life. LOL! Sorry for countless emails sent at 4:00am. To my accountability partners: I appreciate your support in ensuring that I stay the course regardless of the many detractors. Thank you for the random check-in calls. Thank you to those who call religiously wanting to know “Coach, are we ready to go?” Well, wait no further as the time has come to answer your questions.  Yes, we are officially ready to go! Finally, to all my future clients that are patiently waiting for help. Sorry for the delay! I wanted to make sure the time, vested learning and fine-tuning my skills would be worth the wait.

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